Why Clouding Around?

We listen to our Clients, immerse ourselves in the Organisation, and deliver specific solutions that truly complement the business needs.

A Personal Approach

We make the time to really get to know our Clients, and our Clients talk directly to the Developers or Consultants working on their solution, saving time, minimising risk and frustration and maximising flexibility.

Cost Effective Development
& Integrations

Don’t compromise your solution, brand or identity with work-around’s, extensive data entry or app subscriptions that don’t meet your requirements.

More than a Salesforce Partner

Our success is driven by our relationships with our clients and is at the heart of everything we do. 

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  • “I find the Cause I Can apps system to be one of the best admin systems we have implemented over my time working here. I’m very happy with the features offered and the Help Desk is a huge plus, as I find my queries are resolved quickly and with a very efficient monitoring system.”

    - Kyle Behrend - Communications Manager , Edgar's Mission

  • “The Clouding Around team have
    been nothing but amazing
    throughout this process”

    - Sharni Kelly - Campaign Manager , One Girl

  • “Thank you for getting involved with Books in Homes especially with the development of the peer-to-peer application which as you know we used for a recent event. The final figure from the event was $25,000. This means that we are able to place an additional 296 kids onto the reading programme in 2016, a 20% increase as to what we thought we’d achieve.”

    - David Streichler - Fundraising & Sponsorship Manager , Books In Homes


Clouding Around provides the full range of end to end services

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Our suite of home-baked applications help you hit the ground running.

  • InvoiceThis

    InvoiceThis allows you to create one click Invoices from Salesforce and sync them directly into your Xero account with no limits on processing, a simple fixed price and a setup process that takes minutes.

  • Drive Your Donations

    We know you’re working hard to make our World a better place. Here’s a tool that can help you do it in a faster and more customisable way, that has already raised over $3,000,000 for NFPs!

  • Data Imports. Simplified.

    Need to streamline your data to optimise Salesforce? Cause I Can Data Imports has got you covered. Import your data into multiple objects with ease and build your relationships.

  • Fundraising Made Easy

    The easy-to-use platform to lift your fundraising campaigns into the future. Engage with your supporters through custom creative peer-to-peer fundraising.

  • Create Inspired Events

    Everything you need to project manage and create inspired events. Manage, track and report your event and attendees directly through Salesforce.

  • Manage Your Members

    Manage your membership from individuals, groups and families through to large organisations.

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