Our Apps

Clouding Around is a certified Salesforce ISV partner. We have developed a series of Salesforce based applications that are listed on the Salesforce app exchange and are used by NFP and Commercial companies globally.


Create one click Invoices from Salesforce and sync them directly into your Xero account with no limits on processing, a simple fixed price and a setup process that takes minutes.

Drive YOUR Donations

We know you’re working hard to make our world a better place. Here’s a tool that can help you do it in a faster and more customisable way, that has already raised over $3,000,000 for NFPs!

Data Imports. Simplified.

Need to streamline your data to optimise Salesforce? We’ve got you covered. Import your data into multiple objects with ease and build your relationships.

Fundraising Made Easy

This easy-to-use platform lifts your fundraising campaigns into the future. Engage with your supporters through custom creative peer-to-peer fundraising.

Create Inspired Events

Everything you need to project manage and create inspired events. Manage, track and report your event and attendees directly through Salesforce.

Manage Your Members

Manage your membership from individuals, groups and families through to large organisations.

Other Popular Apps

Salesforce CRM provides endless functionality as an ‘out of box’ CRM solution. However, many companies use other 3rd party applications to manage outside of CRM processes. We often suggest integrating these apps with Salesforce, creating a single source of truth for all data, or suggest these apps to streamline workflows as part of an implementation project.



















There’s more to Salesforce than automation and workflow.

Globally, more than 40 per cent of businesses have chosen Salesforce to maximise resources, analyse data and drive sales.